Ribbon Cutting and Dedication

Project H.O.M.E (Helping Others Mirror Excellence) held a ribbon cutting and dedication ceremony to celebrate Mickey’s House on November 1, 2017.

Mickey’s House aims to be a solution for students at R.B. Stall High School dealing with homelessness.

According to the 2016 “Point in Time” statewide homeless count, more than 380 South Carolina families experienced homelessness last year, including 759 kids under 18.

The ribbon-cutting was originally scheduled for early September, but was rescheduled due to Hurricane Irma.

With a simple snip by Summey, Charleston County School Board members, and community leaders, Mickey’s House officially opened in North Charleston; The first of what people hope will be many to come.

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What People Say

“This ribbon cutting not only opens the door to this home, but it opens the lives of young men that it’s going to touch, God Bless them.”

North Charleston Mayor Keith Summey.

“There are so many homeless people, boys and girls, and they need help. Somebody has to start.”

Mickey Welch

“This is a solution and I believe we can continue to offer something like this if we can come together as a community… rallying people.”

Angela Henderson

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