Success Stories

Mickey’s House 2020

Dewitt Parker came to Mickey’s House during the second semester of his Senior year 2020. 

Although Dewitt was apprehensive about living at Mickey’s House initially it did not take him long to understand that this was a home that would provide love, support and guidance.  Tracy and Angela Johnson (house parents) accepted Dewitt into the home and he immediately began to thrive. 

Like most students who become displaced Dewitt struggled with leaving relatives he had been living with from temporary housing.  In that setting Dewitt was a major contributor for lodging and food as well as going to school and trying to stay active in sports.  His track coach convinced Dewitt to try Mickey’s House telling him that living there would take some of the pressure off of him and allow him to be a student athlete for once in his life.  Dewitt excelled academically taking advanced courses and participating in track and football. 

Upon graduation from RB Stall High School Dewitt committed as a walk on at Charleston Southern University.  Dewitt has a bright future ahead of him.  He has broken the cycle of homelessness and looks forward to what the future might hold for him.

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