Criteria for Mickey’s House

PROJECT H.O.M.E. Foundation “Mickey’s House” Referral Process for Charleston County School District Studen

PROJECT H.O.M.E. Foundation “Mickey’s House” Referral Process for Displaced High School Age (17-21) Students

  1. Once an unaccompanied youth has been identified as homeless, the student, the school or agency may contact Kim Wilson, Project Home Foundation President by email, or call/text 843-906-4208.
  2. If the unaccompanied youth meets eligibility status for Mickey’s House, Mr. Wilson will contact Mickey’s House representatives to request a meeting with the unaccompanied homeless youth. The eligibility requirements will be explained.
  3. If the unaccompanied homeless youth agrees to the living terms and conditions at Mickey’s House, the student completes a Mickey’s House application. The student, Mickey’s House Representative and Board President signs off on the application. 
  4. Students who reside at Mickey’s House may need bus transportation. If transportation is requested, Mikey’s House representatives will facilitate a request for bus transportation from Durham School Bus Services. Students may also receive Carta bus tickets, or mileage reimbursement to and from their school of origin. 
  5. Once approved student will move into Mickey’s House.  Our goal is to facilitate student move in as quickly as possible.
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