Angela Jon and Tracey Johnson

As a couple, Angela and Tracey always knew they wanted to give back, they love kids, and when they heard what Mickey’s House was about, they really wanted to be a part of it. They wanted to be a part of giving children a stable home life and a sense of family while preparing them for the next phase in their lives. When they applied and were accepted as House Parents of Mickey’s House, they couldn’t have fathomed how much this experience would mean to them.

Angela and Tracey met 11 years ago and were married in 2012. They have a blended family. Angela has a daughter who is 21 years old, and Tracey has two kids, a son who is 19 years old and a daughter, who is 16 years old. Tracey’s kids live just a few hours away in Georgia.
Angela grew up in North Charleston. She graduated from Summerville High School and received her Undergraduate degree from Claflin University in Orangeburg, SC.

Angela received her MBA from Columbia Southern University, and her Master’s in Criminal Justice from the University of Phoenix. Angela in law enforcement at the City of North Charleston for the past 24 years.
Tracey grew up in Wadley, Georgia, and finished high school in Savannah, Georgia at Beach High School.  After high school, Tracey completed CDL training, became a truck driver, and drove for about 12 years.  Tracey then moved to Charleston, drove truck part-time, and became a Correctional Officer at Leiber Correctional Facility.  While at Lieber, he met and mentored young and older men.  Tracey’s experience at Lieber gave him a desire to mentor and help young men make the right decisions in their lives.  At the time, he didn’t know that Mickey’s House would give him this opportunity. After being employed at Leiber for approximately three years, he became a Port Security Officer at the Ports Authority, and later purchased an 18-wheeler and decided to be self-employed.
As House Parents, their goal is to build trust with every young man that walks through the doors to let them know that they are there for them now and if they would ever need anything in the future.  They strive to be good role models and to let them know that they can depend on them, they’re here to help, motivate, listen, and most of all, they care.

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